India is a democratic country. Different people of different religions live happily and freely under this one big umbrella. Marriages are taken as a holy concept in India. Not just in India but all over the world. It’s a connection between two hearts and souls. Who are entirely different from each other in every aspect.  When two people marry each other, their marriage comes under legal authority, and as proof, they are provided with a marriage certificate. But to get this marriage certificate, one has to follow some rules and regulations; only they will be provided by the certificate. We shall discuss this below. But before that, let us get an overview of a marriage certificate.

What is Marriage Certificate?

Based on the Indian constitution, it has been stated that it’s an official document showing that two human beings are legally married to each other. There are two types of marriage acts in India. They are- 1. Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 and Special Marriage Act 1994. It doesn’t matter who is marrying under which act but what matters is the marriage certificate.  To get this marriage certificate, you need to have a few documents because without those documents, you cannot get or won’t get the marriage certificate.

What Documents do you need to have to get the Marriage Certificate?

The documents which we need to have to get officially registered as a married couple are:

1.    Birth certificates of both the partners
2.    Passport of both the partners (if they have it)
3.    Address proof of both the partners
4.    Ration Card of both the partners (it’s an alternative to a passport. If someone doesn’t have a passport, they can quickly go for a ration card).
5.    Aadhar Card of both the partners
6.    Passport size photograph (Two) of both the partners
Note – The photographs should be colored
7.    Marriage Affidavits of both the partners

Note – The marriage affidavits should be separate from both partners. It means that both of them will have single affidavits.

8.    Both partners will sign the application form

Note – the signatures should be made beforehand by both the partners. Make sure that while bringing the application, it is duly signed by both persons.

9.    Attested documents

Note – The Attached documents will be self-attested

Now we shall discuss how you can attest to your marriage certificate readily.

What is the Easiest way to Attest a Marriage Certificate in India?

The easiest way to attest to marriage certificates in India is to get certified by the respective Embassy of the country. Or you can go to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) of the respective country. If you want to be legally certified in India, you can go to MEA. The marriage certification attestation in India is compulsory and very important. The marriage certificate attestation in Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabad is also available. 

Wrapping Up,

It’s an important message from our side: do not try to do anything against our country’s law. Getting the marriage certificate is very important because it will help show the world that you are legally married to each other. And if you do not have it, no one will accept you as a married couple. This certificate is also necessary because sometimes you must show it as proof while opting for a job or buying a new home after marriage and for other reasons. 


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