There is an important need to understand the facts about attestation services in India by every individual since travelling to foreign countries is now quite often, all of them should know about some basic things which are interlinked to services of attestation in our country. An Apostille is done for personal documents like birth, marriage, death and other certificates. Entities such as degree, diploma, masters, secondary level and much more which are related to education; any such document that can be said as Apostille is meant for accepted by all the 104 member countries of Hague convention.

If your certificate is to be used in a country which is a member of Hague Convention, You requiregetting an ‘Apostille’ your certificate, if the country where the document will get used is specifically not a part of The Hague Convention the individual will need to attest/authenticate the certificates. The presence of individual is not required for all the procedures for your  employment, business or migration, certificate attestation, apostilleHigher education– whatever your requirements in certificate attestation. If your certificate is going to be  used in a country which is already a member of Hague Convention, you have to Apostille your certificate. In India, it is available in most of the cities of the state which are significantly working and satisfying, any customers all over the country.

People going abroad for jobs or for higher studies, can now get their educational certificates authenticated within their State itself by the authorized officials of the State Government and need not travel to Delhi for the same. The Ministry of Human Resource Development, India in consultation with Ministry of External Affairs has already delegated the power to authenticate educational certificates and Degree Certificate attestation to the State Governments. The authorization nominated officials to authenticate educational certificates is to be done by state government. Although not all foreign governments insist on for authentication, this is required by some West Asian countries.

If the document which you are using is to be used in a country having Hague convention then you must have an ‘Apostille’ your certificate, if the country where the document is being utilized is not a part of the Hague Convention than the individual have to attest/authenticate the certificates. Apostille is a sticker which verifies and confirms the seal and signature of the person who authenticates and verifies the certificate. If the certificate which is to be used in country is a member of Hague convention then the certificate needs apostille attestation. Apostille (Attestation by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs) is a thing which an individual can get on the basis of birth certificates, death, power of attorney, marriage certificates, and affidavits. Before getting the MEA attestation all the concerned documents must be legalized and authenticated by the Kuwait Embassy Attestation, and Qatar Embassy Attestation.

Apostille is just granted for documents released in one country party to the Apostille convention and which will be used in another country which is also a party to the convention. Apostille convention basically allowed the use of the entire attested document in all the countries which is just attested from one of them which are all together a part of Hague convention.


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