The ministry of external affairs (MEA) attestation or Apostille attestation was introducing on March 1, 2012. The norms are like no documents will directly submit to MEA counter at any CPV division. The original documents are needed to submit by candidates to outsourced companies. It includes all the documents are which necessary about your requirement of visiting other countries or any other documents related to the Attestation process. These are authentication process which helps you to make sure about your documents validity. These are some of the basic steps which you need to follow according to government rules to get your documents attested by various authority in state provinces and higher level authority.

All original documents must be authenticated by the ministry of external affairs, New Delhi and required to be first attested by the respective state authorities from where documents were issued. Ministry of external affairs attestation can only be obtained after the state authority approval of documents related. Following are steps which required getting MEA attestation of documents under various categories.

Step 1: Authentication of Documents

Non-Educational Documents: the documents like birth, death, and marriage driving license come under this category and it’s required to get attested first by respective state home department and then it follows the next step. 

Educational Documents: in context to educational documents, all the documents related to the academic certificate are attested here by state education department of concerned state /REGION. 

Commercial Documents: the documents which are related to the chamber of commerce these can be certified by the ministry of external affairs, New Delhi. The signature and seal of the respective chamber of commerce of respective states must be done for the authentication. 

Step 2: attestation of documents by ministry of external affairs

MEA attestation enables documents to get authenticated with the seal and official signatures. Ministry of external affairs (MEA) authorizes the documents by seal and signature of respective with full observation practices. 

Now let me tell you about the charges details for documents to get attested:
The ministry of external affairs does not charge for any general attestation of documents. However, it has fixed amount of fees according to some documents. For example:

  1. Educational Documents: INR 18/- (inclusive of taxes)
  2. Other Personal Documents:  INR 22/- (inclusive of taxes)
  3. Commercial Documents: INR 16/- (inclusive of taxes)

Moreover, currently accept the ministries of external affairs are those companies which are not a part of the signatory to the huge convention 19671. The department of external affairs attestation or Apostille attestation are mainly controlling authenticate the documents submitted by candidates which are about to visit any place or for doing any works, for reading or for works to attest their certificate/documents.

If you are wondering to attest your documents for any purpose which mention above, then you can visit and consult with outsource company and give them your necessary documents in a authenticate and formal to get it attested by the respective state and then from any central authority for several reasons. 


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