Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs plays a significant role in managing the country's diplomatic relations. In order to preserve the Kingdom's national interests and maintain international peace and security, it participates in the formulation and execution of foreign policy.

Visa requirements for entering and leaving the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are developed by the ministry and sent to MOFA of Saudi Arabia and consulates across the globe.

Applicants seeking Saudi Arabian visas must provide a letter of invitation from Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) indicating the purpose of the trip and the length of their stay. In light of this, the MOFA provides the following services:

1.    Inviting Foreign Diplomatic Organisations: 

This is for requesting that a person or group visit a Saudi Arabian government agency, an overseas diplomatic mission, or a Saudi Arabian-based business. Non-governmental organisations (NGOs), non-profit organisations (NPOs), or teams of international professionals in many sectors might all be involved in this effort. Processing time is typically three business days.

2.    Entry request 

Through the Enjaz Company website, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia processes requests for entrance visas from Saudi diplomatic missions overseas. Student visa applications are included in this category. Processing might take anywhere from three to five business days.

3.    Visa amendments 

Changing information on a visa or passport application is possible via the MOFA.

4.    Online registration and flight data services 

Services enable Saudi residents living outside of Saudi Arabia to apply for or renew their passports through the internet. Taking care of passport reissues in the event of theft or loss. Emergency travel papers are issued.

5.    Inquiry about Saudi Diplomatic Passports

The MOFA provides information about Saudi diplomatic and private passports.

6.    Certification services 

Services of certification include the legalization of papers, such as diplomas and certificates from approved UK universities, marriage contracts, business documents, and certifying letters, for different reasons in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. On its website, the MOFA accepts requests to authenticate documents

7.    Online payment 

Passport costs may be paid online using the Enjaz site by Saudi nationals who are travelling outside of the country.

8.    Inquiry about visa 

Visitors visiting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia may inquire online about their visa application's status and validity.


The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is an important executive department of the Kingdom's government, and it is responsible for dictating regulations regulating visa requirements to the Kingdom's embassies all over the globe, as well as for implementing such laws.


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