The acronym WES stands for World Education Services, a company that assists students and immigrants relocate to Canada and the United States (US). Non-Profit organization that helps those who require a specific residence for educational or commercial purposes and became well-known in 1974 by granting legal residency to some of the newcomers. 

Several types of educational credentials, including as degrees, diplomas, SSLC or HSC certificates, and the Methodology ECA degree, have legal recognition via WES's processes. 

As a service to overseas citizens of various nations, WES Verification recognizes significant certificates, such as degree copy, final certificate copy or mark sheet & evidence of transcript certificate, which can be used for migration purposes, job purposes, commercial accreditation, educational motives or other significant purposes for a legal stay in the country of origin. 

After the necessary WES verification, it is important to be aware of the lengthy process that must be completed before a visa may be issued.

What is the online verification process for WES?

●    Create an account by clicking on the link provided:
●    When you log in to your account, you'll see a tab with many choices, including Personal Info, Your Education, Your Evaluation, and others that are more critical as the process moves further.
●    To use the "I have studied the needed papers for this certificate and agree to submit my documents as required by WES" option, choose the education tab and input the university's details.
●    Course assessment must be selected in order to proceed to a more detailed review.
●    In step 5, the system displays the time needed for the assessment based on what happened throughout the exam.
●    After that, selecting "Educational Institution" as the name of the institution is required.
●    As many institutions as you want may be added to your profile.

WES Verification essential documents or certifications

For the WES attestation process, it is necessary to have a transcript from a recognized university or an autonomous college.

●    The official sealed or signed envelop from the university should be included with the transcript.
●    An individual college transcript will not be accepted.
●    Under the different processes of the University or Autonomous Colleges, the procedure will alter.
●     Original degrees and provisional certificates, as well as reproductions of them, are needed as proof of their authenticity as part of the WES Verification procedure.
●    For the certificates and paperwork, all that is needed is a mark sheet for each semester and a consolidated mark sheet from the university/autonomous college in question.
●    When submitting a certificate, it must meet WES Verification's specifications for the certificate's importance or display the original certificate as well as a duplicate of it.


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