The process of HRD attestation is basically the authentication of educational documents and certificates.  There is a particular place for this known as HRD authentication centre  which is available in the each state. In This process if the document related to education needs to get attest by the ministry of external affairs, for that it should be firstly get authenticated from that of the respective state HRD Department where university / Board / council is situated from and from where the same document or certificate have released.

All the Indian Originated Educational certificates and documents need HRD Attestation from the respective states and if they want to get used in a foreign land or for travelling purposes there is proper assistance provided for Document/Certificate Attestation from all HRD Departments across the various states of India.

The HRD Attestation of Degree and Certificates related to the educational affairs which are issued from India are possibly suitable for all the Certificates issued under Ministry of Human Resource development (MHRD). There are various provisions of getting a Delhi HRD Attestation for any state HRD issued document or Certificate regarding MEA Attestation, Apostille Stamp and regarding all theAbroad Diplomatic Missions or Embassies Attestation.

Adequate or truly Exact attestation processis based on the type of the certificate and destination country. For getting an embassy or consulate attestation the document or certificate has to be attested by Govt. of India. And this gathers up the various separate departments to take responsibility of certificate attestation procedures which are the Human Resource Development Department (HRD) and the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

The Certificate Attestation and Legalization of any systematic process may involve or totally get dependent up on the certificate or the document to be attested, country and released authority/state. Some of the certificates need to be verified by the proper and adequate university/Institute/Department/ Board/Council before reaching to the HRD Attestation. Nowadays the HRD attestation is performed at state level and state Home Ministry. At Previous times it was feasible only at Human Resource Development Department (HRD), New Delhi. The HRD Attested Certificates require Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) Attestation before reaching to final Embassy/Consulate verification. And hence the adequate process depends on the document, country and needs of the employer.

Usually when an individual from India goes to foreign countries for job his documents and certificates needs to be authenticated by that country's embassy or consulate provided in India. As  there is a large number of Indians working in GCC countries -  Oman, Qatar, Kingdom Saudi Arabia (KSA), and United Arab Emirates (UAE) it is important for them to attest their documents for the corresponding foreign embassy and in that particular embassy or  they can consulate in Delhi or Mumbai.  The same process is applied for other countries like that of Africa, Australia, American continents and Europe.

The whole Attestation process is also different for various categories like education and non-educational certificates, documents and with that again thedependency on the destination country of the applicant plays a significant role here. Generally to attest an educational document or to verify a certificate related to the education it is necessaryto get it attested from the embassy and on the other part it has to be compulsorily authenticated by MEA. This all can be summed up as the process of HRD attestation along with that it signifies the importance of it.



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